DNS Update Proxy for mDNS

DNS Update Proxy

I recently published a new internet-draft: DNS Update Proxy for mDNS that describes a way to do campus wide service discovery as an alternative to the Discovery Proxy and mDNS Discovery Relay.

The main difference is that instead of delegating subdomains for each IP subnet and translating unicast queries into multicast queries, it pre-populates the unicast authoritative DNS server with all the services it can discover using DNS Update from a proxy listening to multicast DNS.

This allows faster responses and support for DNSSEC with full NSEC next record semantics.

I'm looking for feedback and will also be working on code at the Hackathon @ IETF104 in Prague. Send me a note if you want to work on this MIT licensed code. No Rust knowledge necessary.

Here's a link to the code https://github.com/pusateri/rupdateproxy

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TIMEOUT Resource Record

DNS Authoritative server lease lifetimes

Tim Wattenberg and I recently published a new internet-draft: DNS TIMEOUT Resource Record that provides a mechanism for authoritative DNS servers to save a lifetime for other resource records in the same zone.

Lifetimes are sometimes associated with records based on the source of the record. DHCP based address assignments have a lease lifetime as well as DHCPv6 prefix delegation. Service Discovery DNS UPDATE registrations use an EDNS(0) Lease Lifetime Option to attach a lifetime to the services being registered.

If you have other uses for TIMEOUT resource records, let me know!

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